Soymilk for weight loss


Core Tip: soymilk is a high-fiber drink, it can enhance gastrointestinal motility to solve the problem of constipation. It also has a diuretic, perspiration effect. If you eat some diuretic foods during weight loss, it not only can reduce edema opportunities, but also take some of the heat.


Four effects of soymilk:


1., rich in vitamins, you can slim beautifully

Vitamin B2 in Soybean helps maintain healthy skin and hair, vitamin E promotes metabolism, allowing you to keep the water in the body when reducing weight


2, has a waste clearing effect to ensure intestinal smooth

Soybean glycosides can make the intestinal wall surface smooth to ensure smooth defecation. In addition, soy oligosaccharides can not be absorbed by the stomach, it will goes straight to the large intestine to help activate intestinal Bifidobacterium.


3, lower cholesterol, clear the blood

Soymilk contains soy protein and soy lecithin that can reduce and expel cholesterol, it can clear the blood, keeping a good metabolic state


4, provide heat, can increase the body temperature

Poor circulation and muscle deficiency can cause low body temperature, low metabolism. Protein contained in soymilk is nutrients to provide heat


1. Banana soymilk


1, firstly peel the banana, take the fresh, stir into a paste.

2, pour the soymilk nto the mushy bananas and stir constantly until they are perfectly mixed


Tip: the banana milk will acidified to brown for some time, so drink immediately after completion. Banana soymilk is not only nutritious, but also good for constipation, play a slimming effect. You can also drink it half an hour or one hour before dinner, it will not only increase satiety, but also reduce your intake of dinner

Diet for slimmers who like exercises

I am a sports liker, love sports and love food

Figure: your body belongs to carrot type, Shoulder is breadth and hips are narrow, legs is robust and bones is strong, neck is short and strong; it is relatively easy and fast to exercise muscles; if the weight is more likely to increase at the upper body rather than the waist.


Traits of athletic human: your energy is very sufficient to overcome the difficulties to achieve the goals. But your personality is stubborn and easy to be too stringent for all requirements, you love meat and tasty food and have a is relatively large liquor capability. To maintain balance, you diet should be limited to slow your high speed motors. In contrast, the male hormone in your body is higher than other body types. Your metabolism is fast and adrenaline is also too much which ask sports to reduce its emissions through sport. You may have big appetite at night and often eat too much food at then


Foods you have to eat

1. Banana: it is rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, they can enter the bloodstream quickly, immediately providing the body with energy.

2, skim milk products: can provide abundant calcium and protein, fat content is very low.

3, Garlic: a good helper for your digestive system.


Your ideal nutrition Recipes:

1, Breakfast: Mixed cereal, bananas, skim milk

2, snacks between meals: Nuts

3, Lunch: baked potato, vegetable salad

4, snack between meals: fruit salad

5, Dinner: fried chicken, boiled asparagus, rice


You best diet strategy

1, the types of food should be as much as possible, but the total amount should be controlled, take small meals.

2, enjoy a variety of vegetables, fish, meat and carbohydrates, but use less angry spices, such as pepper, curry and so on.

3, eat more antioxidant foods, such as nuts, fresh fruit, because exercises allow the body to produce more free radicals.

4, to arrange a monthly fast day

Take peanut for slimming

Core Tip: Nutrition experts say that peanut has a high nutritional value and contain unsaturated fatty acids, having cholesterol-lowering and blood lipids-lowering effect, plus rich in dietary fiber, peanut truly becomes a good food for weight loss


Peanut Butter for weight loss


Peanut butter contains 16 grams of fat, although the heat is higher, we also ignores an important point, peanut butter brings a strong sense of satiety, it wouldn’t be likely to cause obesity. Because peanut butter can reduce appetite, the desire for food can be meet after eating a few mouthfuls and people won’t feel hungry within two and half an hour, thus people can largely avoid overeating, compared with cook-liked food, which people will fee hungry after half an hour, peanut is more suitable to take. Peanut butter can reduce the incidence of heart disease, the fat it contained is good for the body, so you can rest assured to take it


Lose weight by eating cooked peanuts

Though nutrients of raw peanut are more than cooked peanuts, its slimming effect is as good as cooked peanut. Peanuts with red skin are helpful for stomach health, and it can adjust women’s menstrual discomfort, replenishing blood and qi, besides, it also nourish the hair. Cooked peanuts will lose some fat during the process of cooking, so it is more suitable to eat cooked peanuts during weight loss period, water boiled peanuts is also very beneficial.


Peanuts and barley porridge for weight loss

Cook peanuts and barley with red dates is a good choice, adhere to eat, you can supplement a variety of nutrients, and reduce total calorie intake, female friends who like to like enlarging breast can also get it achieved by eating peanuts and barley porridge.


Many people think that the amount of fat of peanut is very high, but peanuts contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein, all of them can prove the nutritional value of peanut. While the key of taking peanut for weight loss is the way how to eat, mastered the way of eating peanuts, you will not only not get fat, but gain lipid-lowering effect.

tea for weight loss

Drink sufficient quantities of tea will have a weight loss Just drink a little tea and wanted to lose weight, it is impossible to tea play a slimming effect, it is necessary to the active ingredient in the tea. So the tea to lose weight should also pay attention to enough weight.


1.  it’s not expensive tea can provide good effect.

Not the more expensive tea, the better effects lose weight. The ingredients from the weight loss tea theaflavins and polyphenols, theophylline and caffeine, are often expensive tea than cheap tea just taste good. Tea to lose weight should choose weight loss ingredients of high quality tea, and not just high-priced tea.


2. Drink tea lose weight isn’t once and for all

Tea weight loss is not a long time, if the recovery before the diet and exercise, so the weight will rebound, after all, these factors lead to obesity, do not drink tea, or other weight loss side. Type to lose weight, the weight will not maintain or decrease.


3. At a large number of teas is not conducive to physical health

Many people think that a lot of tea in the evening, and then reduce the sleep, which helps the body to lose weight. It is not. Some people sensitive to caffeine, drink too much tea, is bound to affect sleep. More important is that not only fail to improve weight loss results in decreased sleep, but also increased the glycolic index, improve the appetite hormone levels can contribute to make people more appetite, but not conducive to weight loss.

Every morning four things you will lean undoubtedly

After getting up drink a glass of water, not only contribute to the rapid urination, but also to add the cell water. Get up and practice yoga is also a good choice, not only thins, but also that the body to replenish energy, and allows you to fine.


The first thing – 7:00 early morning cup of boiled water

After getting up drink a glass of water, not only contribute to the rapid urination, but also to add the cell water. Usually drink boiled water for half an hour later, the body will be discharged the night before the metabolites. In addition, drinking water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, will not affect the weight loss, will make your skin Ay.


The second thing – 7:05 thin yoga, efficacy was significantly

Day yoga, best time: early morning sunrise to two hours before and the afternoon two hours before sunset. Get up and practice yoga is also a good choice, not only can be thin, but also thought the body to replenish.


The third thing – 7:20 bath


Rest for5-10 minutes after the end of yoga, then a simple shower, your body will feel very comfortable. And when your body temperature to increase metabolism will increase, will consume a Part of the calories, the water temperature to 38-39 ° C as the best.


Fourth thing: 7:30 fasting to eat 15 dried red dates


Jujube and warm sweet, contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, not only can promote gastrointestinal motility Can also enhance physical fitness, aging, and promoting blood circulation beauty.


The eight major weight loss methods to make you slim down


Modern medicine: it will become obesity if daily thermal energy intake exceeds energy consumption .However, in real life there are a lot of people think to them “even if the drink water will be fat”. The Chinese have the same similarity theory. Usually love to drink water, tea, coffee drinkers. And like to eat bread, cakes, oranges, grapes, and likely to cause water. If you want to lose weight, it is best to eat burdock, carrots, lotus root, green onions, onions, yams and so on. Obesity is the culprit of many chronic diseases. Therefore, disease prevention, weight loss is very important.


Life therapy:


1.Participate in labor or exercise, to fully exercise the muscles to consume the excess water, the body heat. Thus improving the metabolism, achieve weight loss results.


2, bath, sauna sweating, while water excretion, due to the heat of vaporization of principle, will burn calories, beneficial to weight loss. If we can further wash Ginger bath (a piece of ginger, ground into mud, and on the cloth bag hanging in the bathtub” ginger bath “),” salt bath “(put a small bag of coarse salt” salt bath “), garlic bath (put have installed the sack of the minced garlic, the garlic bath “).


3. Should give full intake of seaweed, beans, potatoes, brown rice and other food. Because of the role of dietary fiber, intestinal too much cholesterol, fatty acids, sugar, metabolic waste, water excreted can improve the effect of weight loss.



4, eat green onions, leeks, garlic, garlic plants of the genus, promote blood circulation, increased perspiration, and can produce weight loss results.



Often drink ginger tea, to promote a diuretic at the same time, warm body metabolism. “Fat water”, if appropriate, eat salty foods: soy sauce, caviar, pickled, salted fish, pickles, stewed food and more food salt, the salt will the water squeezed out, making the body Taut.



7, boiled red beans (50 grams of red beans on containing 600 ml of water the pot, wait until the water by half, red beans boiled soft, about 30 minutes) has a role to promote excrete and defecation. Farther help people lose weight.



The right ways to drink water lose weight

The many people repeatedly failed to lose weight, it feels to drink plenty of water can gain weight, in fact, the process of human consumption of fat, water metabolism is the main bearer of the heat consumption, but if you drink plenty of water to drink the right way, Does no good for weight loss, conditions will really drink to gain weight. Give you the right to drink diet.


1. Drinking a glass of water in the morning. Drink slowly about 10 minutes. Early morning is the best time of the bowel, but also the best time to lose weight.


2. Before have a meal, Drink hot water need to drink slowly. And it is important that the three meals help rid the body of waste. Drink hot water must be maintained at or less a day 800ml, drink too much fat also. Maintain the water temperature slightly higher than body temperature of 50 is better. In this way, can detox, but also slimming!


The benefits of drinking


1, which will help blood circulation, promote fat burning


Drink hot water can improve the functioning of the stomach, and drink plenty of water to promote blood circulation, so that the visceral temperature has increased about 1, the metabolic capacity increased by 10% -12%, fat burning speed will increase.


2, the function of internal organs increase, the elimination of toxins


The page mentioned above, drinking hot water can increase the body temperature, promoting the visceral activities to promote digestion. The body of toxins, enhances the vitality of the liver and kidneys, and purifies the body from the inside out.


3, increased urination, excess water is removed


Drink hot water to increase blood circulation, will remain in the discharge of water in the body. With the increase in urine output, weight is also reduced constipation also improved.


Reduce beer belly

Men are very likely to gain fat at middle age. Beer belly not only affects the outlook, it’s also a health hazard.


Beer is not the culprit of beer belly

The name of beer belly came into being because German people, who are beer-lovers are very likely to have beer belly. But recently, the British and the Czech researchers have done a random sampling survey about the dringking habits of about 2000 czechs, and they’ve found that there is not much relation between beer and beer belly.


In fact, a glass of beer contains only 150 calories of heat and the fat it contains is only 0.3 grams. The German federal nutrition medical association recently found out that beer belly is connected with their genetic gene. It’s just like that women begin to gain fat from their hips, men’s fat is mainly stored in their abdomen. The ever-increasing belly of men indicates that they are fattening up. Their intaken energy has already surpassed the consumed amount.


The world health organization once pointed out that the upper limit of men’s waist line is 90 centimeter, the equivalent of 2 feet and 7 inches.. This is a red alarming line. when your waistline has passed 2 feet and 5 inches, and is reaching 2 feet and 7 inches, the alarming ring should be ringing.

Smelling fragrance to lose weight


Smelling fragrance can lose weight? Indeed, reducing weight by fragrance is a very easy and effective method of reducing weight. The smell of food can increase the full abdomen feeling, and help control the caloric intake of human body to achieve the purpose of controlling heat.


The Dutch NIZO food research center’s research shows that flavor is an important factor to affect the brain’s feeling of fullness. As long as we know how to control the fragrance of the food, we won’t eat too much. It is because when we eat delicious food, aroma molecules will start the brain area that controls full abdomen move, which will be more easy to produce full abdomen move to achieve the goal of reducing weight.


And American experts also did some experimental study on fragrance reducing weight. Put mint, apples and bananas together in a container and let the experiment objects smell the fragrance of them 3 times every day for six months. The results showed the fat people who have normal smells reduced an average of 14 kg weight.


Fragrance weight reducing cream is a kind of losing weight cream developed by an American pharmaceutical company recently. It can stick on the back of hand, wrist and chest. It can continuously send out a kind of fragrance for a long time. It smells a little bit like almonds and vanilla. Obese people with this “fragrance weight reducing cream” can lower the chocolate, biscuit and dessert appetite to control heat intake and achieve the goal of reducing weight.

Nine kinds of exercises to lose weight

Exercise to lose weight is to burn fat, burn calories to achieve weight loss purposes, here to talk about the movement of heat consumption in daily life, we can exercise to lose weight according to their own situation conditions to develop and adjust the amount of exercises.

Several common exercises to help consume calories

Walking: burning calories about 75 cards in half hour, walking is beneficial for heart and lung function, it can improve blood circulation, joint activities and contribute to weight loss.

Jogging: Jogging are suitable different people. It is benefit to your heart and lung.


Athletics: every half hour to burn calories 450 card, make people body gain exercise.

Swimming: swimming is the movement of a body to coordinate action to improve heart and lung function, exercise, flexibility and strength very good. It is also beneficial to the patient back to health,

Table Tennis: 180 cards every half hour burns calories, table tennis is a systemic campaign to benefit the cardiopulmonary can exercise the focus of the movement and coordination.
Volleyball: every half hour to burn calories 175 cards, volleyball enhanced flexibility, jumping ability and stamina, benefit to heart and lung.

7 skipping: 400 cards every half hour burns calories, skipping is a bodybuilding, cardio-pulmonary system and other organs, coordination, posture, weight reduction has a considerable help.

Bicycle: every half hour to consume 330 calories cards, cycling cardiopulmonary, legs very favorable.

Basketball: every half hour burns calories 250 cards, basketball can increase flexibility, strengthen the heart and lung function.